About Evolve


If we are what we eat and consistently do, shouldn’t our path to optimum health and performance be fuelled by only the highest standard of nutrition and sports supplementation?

At Evolve, we believe that victory is earned through dedication and commitment, and in the end, it will always come down to the survival of the fittest.

Where science-backed ingredients meet cutting-edge formulas, Evolve is leading the way in wholesome, result-driven, and premium quality supplementation. Boasting versatility and innovation, Evolve prides itself on being an accurate reflection of its name – Developing gradually over time and continuing to adapt to the changing nature of the health and fitness industry, while remaining true to the very values and beliefs that are owing to its success.

From health-conscious consumers, and lovers of quality over hype, to fitness enthusiasts, and elite athletes who view exercise as a way of life, Evolve is designed for those who are performance-driven and are relentless in their pursuit of reaching their full potential to be fit for life and understand the value of fuelling their body with only the best quality products to train harder, longer, and more efficiently. Whether it’s work, family, health or performance, we believe that excellence requires balance and fitness across all areas of your life, inside and outside of the gym.

Founded by Simon Rees in 2004, Evolve continues to raise the bar in the health and sports supplement industry and has set a new benchmark in product quality, integrity and diversity. Ensuring transparent labelling and quality assurance from conceptualisation to completion, Evolve is Australian owned and manufactured from our local Brisbane-based facilities. With a mission of introducing quality back into the supplement industry, Evolve started as Simon’s passion project that was aimed at creating a product range for his personal use, that contained no proprietary blends and fillers and only the highest level of quality control and purity.

Where your health and fitness performance is concerned, don’t leave it up to chance. Fuel your body with the best supplementation to keep you fit for life. Choose Evolve.

Simon Rees
Founder of Evolve Nutrition